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With the car


The easiest way to reach the Holiday Apartment Riverholiday is by car. Take the motorway in direction of Berne, continue to Interlaken, take the slip road “Interlaken Ost”, pass the roundabout near Interlaken Ost train station, head to the left at the railway station, then head to the right at the street sign Lanzenen, cross the railway track next to the boat station Lake of Brienz, and head left again at the sign “Lanzena”. Finally, follow the Aare river until you reach the house Riverholiday with a large terrace.


With the train


One arrives with the train is possible from the surrounding countries depending on this in different directions where her start is.
As a destination Interlaken east must always be elected. Interlaken has two stops, Interlakens east central station and Interlaken west.
examples: Zürich - Berne - Interlaken east Genève (Geneva) - Berne - Interlaken east Basel - Berne -
Interlakens east important:


Zürich - Bern - Interlaken east.
Genève ( Genf ) - Bern - Interlaken east.
Basel - Bern - Interlaken east.

Of the airport

Zürich 2,5 h with the train
Genf 3 h whit the train
Bern - Belp 1.2 h whit the train
Basel Mulhuse / European Airlines 3 h with the train.


With the course from train:

Zürich - Bern - Interlaken east.
Genève ( Genf ) - Bern - Interlaken east.
Basel - Bern - Interlaken east.


Consider the data in the timetable, mostly must change the train to Interlaken Ost in Bern.


The destination is always interlaken Ost. This must be your final destination. Interlaken has two station, and it is absolutely critical that you descend at Interlaken Ost, not Interlaken West. Leave the station in direction of the river, then follow the trail until you reach the border. Then, turn right and walk on. Follow the promenade until you see a large, beige house with a terrace. That is our place.

Now holidays begin finally! Cordially welcome, we look forward to meeting you!


Your host family:

Silvia Munz
Lanzenen 26
3800 Interlaken / Switzerland
Phone: +41 (0) 33 822 52 59 / Switzerland: 033 822 52 59

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